Worthing Heritage Trails

Here you will find guided walks for Worthing Heritage Trails, revealing all the wonderful and unexpected aspects of our town’s heritage, including:

  • The oldest buildings
  • Houses and places associated with famous people
  • The beauty and ancient heritage of our Downland
  • The glories of our five miles of coastline, and the rich history associated with it
  • Smuggling, the old village, royal visitors etc.
  • Modern Worthing – popular culture and architecture

iwalk Google Maps

Each trail has a map and directions and information on all the sites along the route. Read all about the hidden history and the watch video clips for the fuller story.

You can open Worthing Heritage Trails on some smartphones and tablets, enabling you to follow the trails in Google Maps using your device’s GPS, to see the sites in Google StreetView and watch the video clips from YouTube as you walk the trails.

The Trails

Open the trails by clicking on the following buttons or using the menu at the top of the page

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Copies of the Worthing Heritage Trail Leaflets

You can use this website to follow the trails and download pdfs of the leaflets.

The leaflets, priced at 50p each, and related publicity regarding the organised walks, are available from a number of outlets in the Town, including The Museum, Worthing Library, and The Denton Lounge.

Why not join a guided historical walk?

WHT_Guided_WalksChoose from five different walks.

Book now at www.sunnyworthing.co.uk/walks